my . artist run website

I keep working on this website.  I've tried to make it cohesive, complete and artistic. In other words, I've spent time here, maybe too much time, maybe over thinking.  I'm about to try this on the WWW. Thinking about having the "world" look at my work is making me nervious. Procrastination isn't going to help. I need to just do it . . . tomorrow.

As if I wasn't having enough problems trying to juggle life (website). I have a new computer. My 10 year old Sony was on it's death throws. I wanted this to be simple. Now I have something else to learn, when do I paint? Where is speel chek when you need it?


I finished another larger painting and the two smaller ones I started Tuesday. There is progress in the positive.

I'm still at it. More pictures, more learning, and more wondering why am I doing this?


If anyone is reading this, can you save me? I could use help.

I have spent hours uploading pictures and trying to put together a cohesive, sensible web page.  I think I would be better served to pay someone to do this and I spend my time painting. It's been a frustrating experience to say the least.